Creating and viewing goals

The Goals feature helps you keep track of your work and development goals. Your goals can be aligned to department or company-level goals. You could also share your goals and invite your colleagues to collaborate with you on goals. You can access anyone's goals to better understand what your colleagues are working on.

Navigate to Goals

To create or edit your individual goals, click on Me in the side navigation, then Goals. Your goals are displayed in three columns - Created for your new goals, In progress for your goals that you started on and Accomplished for your completed goals. You can drag and drop goal cards across these columns to move them from new to in progress to accomplished.


Create & customize your goal

​To create an individual goal, there are several fields to complete:

  • Due date: Select a date
  • Priority: Pick the appropriate priority level
  • Visibility: Make it accessible to Your manager only, Everyone in the company, or Yourself only or select a custom list of coworkers who have visibility to the goal
  • Goal: What is your main objective?
  • Description (optional): Provide more details on why it's important and how you plan to get there.
  • Key Results (optional): Share key results you want to track to achieve your goal
  • Alignment (optional): You can align this individual goal to a department or company goal

When you publish your goal, an email is sent to your manager if visibility includes your manager.


Tracking goals

Your goals start in the Created column and you can drag and drop it in the appropriate status column as necessary. As you start working on goals, you can update the key results to track progress. The average of all the key results is the displayed as the goal progress.

You can mark a goal as blocked when you are unable to make any progress on it. The system automatically notifies your manager of the blocked goal. You can also invite others to collaborate with you on goals by @ mentioning them in the discussion section of the goal.

You can view goals that others have shared with you by clicking on an employee's profile picture from the My company -> Everyone page and clicking on the Goals tab.
As a manager, you can see all the goals of your team in one view with Team Goals under My Team.

As an Admin, you can only view goals that have the visibility set to Everyone or My Manager in the Admin Settings -> Goals page. You will not be able view goals that have their visibility set to Specific Users or Yourself.

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