Goals overview in Performance

Goals Overview

The goals feature allows you to track progress on work and development goals. There are four different types of goals

  • Individual 
  • Team
  • Department
  • Company 

Who can create goals?

Depending on your account permissions, you may be able to create individual, team, department and company goals.

  • All users can create individual goals.
  • Members of a team can create team goals. Learn more about teams goals.  
  • Department and Company goals require account permissions. Account permissions are handled by the Account Administrator at your organization. 

What can you do with goals?

  • Create and customize goals
  • Share your goals with teammates
  • Ask teammates to collaborate on goals
  • Align goals to team, department or company-level goals 
  • View goals across your organization to better understand the work and progress of others

Note: We made a number of enhancements to the goals feature in March 2020. Learn more about the recent updates. 

TIP: Explore our courses about goals in Culture Amp Training for employees, managers, and administrators.

Create and Customize an Individual Goal

To view, create or edit individual goals, click Goals in the top navigation. From here, you can create any goal type. Go to the action button in the top right corner of the page, use the dropdown to select the desired goal type. 


As you create an individual goal, add specifics:

  • Name: What is the main objective of the goal?
  • Description (optional): Why is the goal important and what is the plan to achieve it?
  • Key Results (optional): What key results should be used to track and achieve the goal?
  • Goal Owner(s): What members of the team should be accountable for managing the goal?
  • Priority: What is the priority level?
  • Visibility: Who should have access? Choose from Everyone in the company, Manager only, Only me, or Specify Users. 
  • Alignment (optional): Should the goal be aligned to a team goal, department goal, and/or a company goal?

If visibility includes your manager, they will receive a notification email when you create an individual goal. 


Invite Others to Collaborate on an Individual Goal

If you want to invite a colleague to collaborate with you on an individual goal, @ mention them in the comments section of the goal.

Track Individual Goal Progress

Update key results to track progress on goals. Goal progress is displayed and includes the average of all the key results. You can mark a goal as blocked when you are unable to progress. Your manager will receive an automatic notification email when a goal is marked as blocked. 

View Goals Across Your Organization

You can view goals that others have shared with you by clicking on an employee's profile picture. Go to My Company, select Directory and click Goals tab. Or by searching for someone in the Chrome extension.

Managers can see all of the individual goals created by their direct reports. Go to Goals and select Direct reports goals to see all goals in one view. 

Account Administrators can see goals that have the visibility marked "Everyone" or "My Manager." Go to Admin Settings and select Goals. Account Administrators cannot view goals that have visibility set to "Specific Users" or "Yourself." 


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