Activating Hierarchies

NOTE: We are activating this feature for customers using Performance. Please contact if you have any questions in the meantime.

To enable report sharing based on the Hierarchies in your organisation, follow these steps:

Set up your account to activate the Hierarchies feature

A Customer Success Coach/Superadmin will follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a column in the userfile that includes "manager ID" or "Manager email" for each employee. This column will be used to identify which employee in the file is the manager of each person in the company, all the way up to CEO.
    - If you don't have this available you could use a VLOOKUP on manager name to fill this column with ID or email.
    - detailed instructions are further below.
  2. Upload your updated user data to the platform.
    Here's an example of how your valid data should look:


  3. Log in to the account and enable the feature flag "employee_hierarchy": "enabled",
  4. Select the account demographic for hierarchies: navigate to Account Admin > Account Demographics page

  5. Find the account demographic which defines your hierarchy.  To set a hierarchy based on Manager relationships for example, choose the demographic that has values of Manager email/Manager employee ID data (you might choose ‘Manager Email’ field for example).

    TIP: If you haven’t yet imported employee data to the account there won’t be a field showing here as yet.  You can create one that has the same name as the one in your data file and then continue with the steps below.

  6. Click on the ‘pencil’ icon to edit the demographic

  7. Click on the ‘Hierarchy Type’ tab at the top of the edit modal

  8. Tick the ‘Employee Hierarchy’ box

  9. Input the number of users who are allowed to exist without a value, and click ‘Update’ to save your choice


The account is now set up to validate your employees so that you can be sure each employee within the account forms part of a valid organisational hierarchy, using Manager data.


Set up your organisation’s data so that it forms a valid hierarchy.

Make sure your employee data follows these rules:

(follow these rules to make a valid Manager hierarchy)

  1. Each person in your organisation must have a Manager.
  2. …Except for the CEO.  By default the feature is set to accept only one blank value for the chosen hierarchy.  In the Edit Account Demographics > Hierarchy Type tab you will be able to define if more than one person in your organisation doesn't have a manager.
  3. The Manager’s email address OR Employee ID must be included.

Here's an example of how your valid data should look:


Now apply 'Employee Hierarchy' to the 'Manager Email' field (for the example above) and import your employee data. We run validation on the data with each import so you can review your import to make changes. 

For more detailed information about how to set up and troubleshoot your data for Hierarchies, click here.

There’s more information about the general data import process here.


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