Assign report owners and report viewers

When sharing reports, you now have a choice of adding a Report Owner in addition to Report Viewers. The difference is that the Report Owner receives emails, reminder and nudges encouraging them to drive action on the report. 

If you want to assign responsibility and communicate expectation to a leader to take action on a particular report, then this is a good feature for you.



The Report Owner

The Report Owner is the person who is expected to lead action on a report. They will receive emails encouraging them to discuss the results with their team, collaborate on solutions and commit to actions. This is limited to a single person to ensure clear ownership of action.

What’s the difference between a Report Owner and a Report Viewer?
The only current difference between them is that Report Owners get different notifications. They both currently have the same report access.

Who can assign the report owner?
Only the survey administrator within the report sharing configuration.

Are report owners displayed on the action dashboard export?
No. The action dashboard export makes no distinction between report owners and viewers.

Can I customise the message sent to report owners?
Not currently.

Below is the email Report Owners will receive:



Below is the Report Owner reminder email if no focus area is selected on the report in two weeks:



Report viewers 

Are those who need to view the report, but not necessary act on it. Report viewers will receive the following email when a report is shared with them:




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