Set up employee data integration via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

If you are using Culture Amp platform regularly, for example for onboarding & exit surveys, it’s important to always have clean and up-to-date employee data. If you have been running regular manual uploads to achieve this, we have a solution that could save you time.

With the Employee Data Integration integration, you can automate the import of your employee data to Culture Amp via the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), regardless of which HRIS you may use. 

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE REQUIRED: Setting up the SFTP connection will require the assistance of an appropriate IT support person or another contact familiar with SFTP. You may also require assistance from your HRIS support contact if you would like to automate the creation of your employee data file from your HRIS.  

All you need to do is:

  1. Check whether your HRIS supports the creation of files that fit our data standards & requirements and that you have all the data that you need included.  If yes, then you can go ahead.
    For example, ADP HRIS supports the creation of customised reports that can be imported using the Employee Data Integration.
  2. Find time with your IT support person to help set up the SFTP connection
  3. Prepare the customised report and make sure it gets pulled by the integration.

You’ll now be able to upload employee data files via the Employee Data Integration. 


To set up Employee Data Integration:

  1. Navigate to Account Administration
  2. Click on Integrations
  3. Click on Employee Data Integration button
  4. Fill out the 'connection details' form.  You may need the help of your company's IT person to do this.  Use the technical article here for guidance.
  5. Click Save Configuration



You’ll now be able to upload employee data files in CSV/XLSX format to your SFTP Server/Client.  Culture Amp will process the files using our partial import process.


For guidance in setting up your employee data file:

Once your connection is set up, you'll need to prepare a CSV/XLSX file of your employees for upload to your account (unless you are using the SFTP functionality of your HRIS).  There's more information about how to set up your files here.

Once files are successfully imported via SFTP, you’ll see added/updated employee details in the Users page of your account.

The nominated Account Administrator will receive an email if there's any problems with the file import.

To investigate and resolve data issues:

  1. Navigate to the Users page
  2. Manually upload your CSV or XLSX file via the Import Users page
  3. Follow the employee data wizard to the Analyze step
  4. Review the data changes in the Import Wizard to see corrections that may need to be made
  5. Correct the data in your internal employee data management system
  6. Repeat steps 1-4 to review the changes
  7. Once the data is looking correct, apply the changes to your Culture Amp account

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