10/21/19: Draft reports

We've recently updated some of the functionality in how you can share reports in Culture Amp.

Previously when you created reports and added viewers to them, the viewers were granted immediate access to the reports, even if you weren't ready to share them. This meant that you couldn't pre-fill reports to review or validate recipients before sending reports live. As a result, the report sharing process couldn't be started until after the survey has closed, delaying the sharing of insights back to the organisation.

With this update, you can now create a report, add viewers to it and save it in a draft unpublished state without  giving viewers immediate access to it. This means you can prepare reports ahead of time, waiting until you are ready to publish the report and notify recipients. This gives you greater control and confidence in the report sharing process.

We've also added the ability to publish the report & notify recipients in one action to speed up the sharing workflow.
 You can still choose to publish without notifying if you'd prefer.

This applies to survey administrators and coaches, in the post-launch sharing workflow.




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