Customer education on Culture Amp Training

Culture Amp Training (CAT) is our learning platform where you are able to:
  • Take courses on-demand 
  • Register for live training and Masterclasses (or watch pre-recorded versions)
  • Learn how the Culture Amp platform has changed this quarter via Product Updates
 • Find other resources to help guide you to get the most from the Culture Amp platform

How do I access Culture Amp Training?

You can access Culture Amp Training by clicking "Help" in the top right corner of the Culture Amp platform. This will open the Help Panel, from there you can click "Get trained up." Or by bookmarking



Who can access Culture Amp Training? 

Anyone who is loaded as a user in Culture Amp can access Culture Amp Training, either via links or via the “Get trained up” button in the help panel. If they are a user but have never logged in before, they’ll need to click “Forgot password” to set up their Culture Amp password. 

What is this consent page all about when I click “Get trained up” in my Culture Amp account for the first time? 

Culture Amp Training is hosted on a platform called Skilljar. In order to log into the platform, the information listed on the consent page is sent from Culture Amp to Skilljar. This allows us to give you access to rich content in Culture Amp Training.


If you don't Accept, you will not be able to access our training platform. If you choose to do so, you can still of course access the Academy, which is full of helpful articles, but you will not be able to access on-demand courses and live training. 

Need more help?

Please contact your internal People team or the Culture Amp Support Team at

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