Add an Account Administrator

This article is about making an employee a Culture Amp account administrator. There are two steps to do so: adding them as a user if they are not already, and assigning them the permission.

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1. Add them as a user

  1. Sign in to
  2. click Account Admin button
  3. click Add User button
  4. type user's name, preferred name and email address
  5. click Save



2. Assign Account Administrator permission

  1. click Account Admin button
  2. click the Administrators menu
  3. click Select Role button next to Account Administrator
  4. click Add Administrator button
  5. use the Search box to type part of the person's name or email address
  6. click Save button


An email is automatically sent to the new Account Administrator, providing a link to set a password for Culture Amp (only if they don't already have a login). Their access will display as Pending until they sign in.



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