Switch to use new path for existing employee data integration

We’ve made some changes to our SFTP hostname and configuration details to allow more customers/SFTP clients to connect using the Employee Data Integration.


  • Some SFTP clients require a target directory to be set during configuration.  Our changes mean that a target directory of "/" can be set.
  • Some customers who already have SFTP connections working in the ‘old’ way (eg with ‘old’ hostname that begins with "sftp.") will find that their connections break when we shut down the "sftp." server and they will need instructions on how to reconfigure.

If you had a working Employee Data Integration but it fails:

It could be because our hostname has changed. You can reset your integration to use the new hostname/target directory by:

  1. Log in to Culture Amp and navigate to Account Admin > Integrations > Employee Data Integration
  2. Copy your existing Public Key from the Public Key field to Notepad or Textedit temporarily.

  3. Disable the integration by clicking ‘disable’ under the ‘Employee Data Integration’ button at the top of the screen
  4. Re-enable the Employee Data Integration by clicking on the EDI button again. Supply the same public key and email as was used previously.
  5. Now go to your SFTP client’s settings (depending which client you are using) to update the hostname there, using the hostname that appears in the newly-saved Employee Data Integration form (the hostname should start with "secure." and not "sftp.")
  6. Also in your SFTP client’s settings, ensure that the target directory name (if it is required) is set to "/".

You've now reset your integration to point to the new server, using the target directory of "/".

If your SFTP client has an ability to test the connection, be sure to check that the updated settings are operational.

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