Configure hierachy validation via BambooHR integration

Having a hierarchy set and validated allows you to benefit from a lot of manager-related solutions in Culture Amp, including saving a lot of time by using hierarchy-based sharing of insights.

Below you will find instructions on how to enable and validate hierarchies if you are using BambooHR integration.


On the BambooHR side:

  1. Every employee must have a Manager designated under ‘Reports To’. This field can be found in Person > Job Information table > Reports to


  2. Create a report in BambooHR to integrate with Culture Amp, or use an existing report.
  3. In BambooHR, navigate to 'Report > Edit (pencil icon) > Calculated fields' and ensure the ‘Supervisor email’ and/or ‘Supervisor ID’ fields are included in the report.  These fields will add the email/ID of the ‘Reports to’ selection to the report.

    Ensure the ‘Supervisor email’ or ‘Supervisor ID’ field appears in the ‘Selected Fields’ for the BambooHR report, e.g.



On the Culture Amp side:

  1. Make sure your account includes the demographic ‘Supervisor Email’ or ‘Supervisor ID’.  Go to Account Admin > Account Demographics and add the demographic if it’s not there already. 


  2. Ask to activate Hierarchies feature and specify which demographic you want to use for building hierarchies. Soon you will be able to do it all yourself.
  3. Once support has activated hierarchies for you, on the account demographics page you’ll see a hierarchy icon next to the demographic you’ve activated.

  4. Click ‘Sync’ on your BambooHR integration to run a manual sync and see if there are any errors in the data coming from BambooHR. Don't panic if you have any errors, just follow the instructions for correcting hierarchy validation errors.
  5. Your hierarchy will be revalidated every time you update your employee data through manual or daily syncs.


Well done! Now you and your managers can get the most of Culture Amp platform.

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