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Emergency Response and COVID-19 Pulse Templates

We know that looking after your employee experience is most crucial in times of emergency or disaster. Our People Scientists designed two survey templates in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Emergency Response and COVID-19 Pandemic Response, a shorter pulse-style survey. Other use cases for these templates include unanticipated situations, such as natural disasters, public relations or financial crises, and national tragedies.  

The templates can be used to gather employee feedback on organizational response to unique and fast-changing or emergency situations. 

TIP: Learn how to launch the Emergency Response Survey through this guided course on Culture Amp Training.

About the surveys

  • We focused on topics we know are most pertinent to companies and employees during times of crisis or uncertainty, including Communication & Awareness, Business Continuity and Wellness & Support.
  • We designed questions to understand how confident employees are in company response, how supported they feel and whether there has been a proactive response from the business.
  • We developed an outcome measure to give you an overall view on how the situation is being perceived and handled. 

What’s the difference between the two templates?

The full Emergency Response template can be used to get a baseline of your employee’s experience during the emergency, or as a question bank to customize your own survey. COVID-19 Pandemic Response is a pulse survey where we’ve:

  • Pulled out the questions which are most important during a pandemic
  • Shortened the survey so you can send a subset of the questions at a quicker cadence (e.g., weekly, fortnightly) given how rapidly the situation and your company’s response may change
  • Changed the tense of the questions to assess the currently unfolding situation (e.g., from “I am confident we will be able to adequately support our customers during [SITUATION]” to “We are adapting well to changes in work conditions (i.e. remote work)”

For both surveys, the outcome is confidence in your organization’s response to the emergency.

Access the Emergency Response and COVID-10 Pulse Templates

To get started collecting emergency response feedback from your organization, login to your account and access the Emergency Response  and COVID-19 Pandemic Response templates library. 


Reach out to if you have questions about accessing the templates. 

Common Use Cases

When it comes to a launch strategy, the first question we hear is when is the right time? In a crisis, the sooner the better. What you ask when will depend on your company's response to the emergency. Consider these common examples: 

If your organization... Consider running... Covering...
Doesn't have a policy in place yet. Emergency Response with open ended questions to open dialogue and conversation and give you ideas.  It's okay to not know all the answers...

Ask what one thing your organization can do to help support employees better. 
Has just implemented a response or policy.  Diagnostic emergency response templates: Emergency Response (full survey) or COVID-19 Pandemic Response (pulse) Some or all aspects including Company Confidence, Communications, Leadership, Wellbeing, Tech, and Support 
Wants to assess how change is going more frequently. COVID-19 Pandemic Response (pulse), weekly or fortnightly

Open anonymous Q&A box
Custom unattributed Emergency Response, with open-ended questions like "Do you have any ideas, feedback, or questions that we could address to support employee's experience during this time?"

Learn more about the science behind the emergency response template and how to survey during an emergency


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