Manager Learning

Manager Learning is a brand new resource on Culture Amp.

The new Manager Learning resource on Culture Amp is a standalone library of ideas, videos and downloadable resources for Managers. 

With content written by Culture Amp’s People Scientists and our partner LifeLabs Learning, who have helped train thousands of managers across the world, Manager Learning features 7 proven areas of impact for managers. These are Coaching, Feedback, 1:1s, Productivity, Resilience, Strategy - and an especially relevant one for many of us who are now working remotely, Managing Remotely. Managers can browse this library of ideas, videos and downloadable resources, and bookmark their favorite ideas to implement or refer back to later.

To access this resource, simply click on the Manager Learning tab in the top navigation bar. 

Over time, we’re planning on taking this resource a lot further - tying it into the Engagement and Performance feedback, and adding messaging and further resources to help support managers improve in their core competencies. 




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