Update to Performance Navigation 2020-05-12

As part of our effort to keep Culture Amp more streamlined and your workspace more focused, we have shifted the navigation bar in Performance from the side to the top. 

We are bringing you this update in order to: 

  • Improve consistency navigating across our products 
  • Make it easier to toggle between the Engagement and Performance products
  • Provide a cleaner, more focused interface for all users
  • Improve accessibility of admin functions throughout Performance

What has changed?

The navigation bar is now at the top

The navigation bar has shifted to the top of the screen, just like our other products. The functionality remains the same and is organized in the same way. The navigation bar includes dropdowns to access sub-sections throughout Performance.


The new Performance navigation is located at the top of the screen

Toggle between products

You can now easily toggle between Engagement and Performance products via a consistent product switcher located at the left of the navigation.


Click on the product name in the top left corner to access the product switcher in Engagement and Performance.

Give and request feedback even faster

The buttons for Give feedback and Request feedback have been moved to be located prominently on the Inbox screen.


Give and request feedback buttons are now only available on the inbox screen

Admin actions now in the navigation bar 

Lastly, administrator functions to set up new cycles and manage users are easily accessible throughout the Performance product via the top navigation bar.


Access all administrator functionality from the top navigation.

How do I get this change?

We will begin rolling out the ability to turn on the new Performance navigation from May 13 2020. Administrators will be able to trial the new navigation themselves by clicking Try It on the promotional banner or by going to profile settings and clicking Turn on new navigation.


Administrators will be able to click trial the new navigation for themselves before turning on for all users on their account.


Administrators will be able to turn on and off the new navigation for themself under their profile settings located top right of the screen.


When it is time to turn on the new navigation for all account users you can access it via the profile settings located at the top right of the screen.



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