Survey Programs

Survey Programs are now available in Culture Amp. A program is a series of connected surveys that all progress a common goal over time.

You can build out a program of fortnightly pulse surveys, or a year-long program with a handful of big surveys, or anything in between.

To create a program, go to the Programs tab under the Surveys section, and select the Create button in the top right. 

Once a program has been created, you can give it a name, and add surveys to it. 


We've also made it easy to build out the program using survey duplication. Once you've got a survey on a program, you can use the Duplicate survey button to create more. These duplicated surveys will carry over the same questions, demographics, reporting settings, communications settings and shared reports.

In their current form, Survey Programs are great for visualizing your listening strategy and keeping your surveys organized. Throughout the next few months, we'll also be working on a Program Overview Report, that looks across all the surveys on a program and helps you build out and share the story over time.


What surveys can go on a program? 
Any Engagement survey. This includes surveys that don't include an engagement factor; any survey that appears under the “Engagement” filter of the surveys page can be added to a program. It's ok if the survey is closed or archived. For now, Experience and Effectiveness surveys can’t go programs.

Can one survey be on many programs? 
Yes. Example: if you added a COVID Response Effectiveness factor to one of your big Engagement surveys, you might want to put that one survey on both your Engagement Program, and your COVID Pulse Program. For now, this is just an option to help keep things organized and manage the macro survey schedule, but the overview report we’re planning should surface the right information on the right program.

Does deleting a program delete the surveys it contains? 
No, a program is an independent wrapper for the surveys. Deleting it doesn’t harm the surveys.

Who can view or edit programs? 
Only admin users. For now, users with just the Survey creator role, or the Survey admin permission can’t view/edit programs.



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