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 September 2020

Engagement + Experience 

New Survey and Programs Page 

We launched a new survey and programs page for account admins. This page highlights the most recent surveys and all programs. From here, you can build, configure and track progress on surveys and programs. 



1-on-1 Conversations Early Access Program 

Customers in our 1-on-1 Conversations Early Access Program can now schedule and edit recurring 1-on-1s. Learn more about 1-on-1 Conversations.


Skills Coach Early Access Program 

Skills Coach is a new skill-based learning tool for managers that delivers engaging micro-content directly through Slack. The two minute daily activities transform managers by teaching them key leadership skills. Currently, Skills Coach includes 20 short interactive lessons backed by science that drive results and are easy for managers to use. 

Skills Coach Early Access Program is available now for all Culture Amp customers who use Slack.



Working through crisis

There's no playbook for working through times of crisis, but we created a toolkit to help you work through it. Over the course of five months, we talked to our customers, our community, and thought leaders about what they were doing to make decisions, stay well, and create supportive environments for their teams. In case you missed any of the content along the way, we’ve now included key learnings and resources from all 7 parts into a toolkit for crisis preparedness.

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July 2020 


COVID-19 Combined 2020 Benchmark

Since we launched our Emergency Response and COVID-19 Response surveys in March and our dedicated COVID-19 Wellbeing and Prepare for Returning to the Workplace surveys in May, we’ve had over 1000 companies globally use these templates to proactively seek feedback from their employees. Companies have used this feedback to understand their response, how their employees are tracking, and their preferences for returning to the workplace. We’ve noticed that companies have been combining questions from multiple surveys depending on their COVID-19 response and unique situation so we’ve now created a Combined Benchmark, including data from all of the survey templates. 

Engagement + Experience

Onboarding Survey

We updated the survey outcome and questions in our Onboarding surveyWe have refreshed some of the wording in questions for a better user experience for respondents. These are minor updates and do not impact the ability to benchmark. As an example, ‘My on-the-job training has prepared me to do my job well’ has been updated to ‘My on-the-job training has been effective’. Additionally, we have retired some questions based on customer usage, along with some that were enhanced and included in the new outcome factor. The removed questions are:

  • What are the three things you have most enjoyed so far working at COMPANYNAME(the question was not providing notable insight to Survey Administrator)
  • My induction program was thorough and effective (similar question already in the survey)
  • I feel like this is a great organization for me (similar question now asked in index)
  • I am feeling welcome here (similar question now asked in index)
  • I am feeling productive (similar question now asked in index)

If you have loaded in onboarding benchmarks, you may continue to utilize these if you make the transition to the updated onboarding survey with the Overall Onboarding Experience as the outcome. It will take a little time (until we reach our stringent requirements) to provide benchmarks for the new outcome, however, we can still apply benchmarks to individual questions and other factors. 

Reporting Protections

You can now configure the level of indirect confidentiality protections used in your survey. Choose what is best for your organization, balancing extra protections with the utility of your report data.  


1-on-1 Conversations EAP

You can now sign up to get early access to our new tool, 1-on-1 Conversations. It is designed to help your managers and employees have more meaningful and productive 1-on-1s that lead to stronger connections and performance throughout the company. Learn more about 1-on-1 Conversations and sign up to join the EAP. 

Performance Header Uplift 

Our new  Performance navigation will be automatically updated for all accounts on 29 July. All functionality remains the same, but the changes help to improve wayfinding throughout the product. Learn more about the navigation uplift

Manager Learning 

All performance users can now access Manager Learning from the main navigation. These bite-sized lessons are focused on key manager development areas, including managing remotely.


Microsoft Teams App

Our Microsoft Teams app is live and available in the Microsoft App store. Help your employees share feedback and access Culture Amp insights from with Microsoft Teams. With this app, users can: 

  • Give and request feedback 
  • View received feedback and share it with managers
  • Respond to feedback requests 
  • View notifications from Culture Amp including engagement surveys, performance feedback and reviews, and self-reflections and goal updates

Install the Culture Amp app for Teams and drive your employee engagement and performance management all without leaving the flow of work. Learn more about installing the app for your organization or get started with our user guide

Slack App

We've enhanced our existing Slack integration to now bring survey notifications and the ability to give and receive feedback into the flow of work for your teams. Learn more about new features in our Slack app and how to install it for your organization

Import History 

We introduced a new Import History page in Admin Settings that allows account admins to view the import history of bulk imports performed in the account. With this feature, account admins can click through to see an import summary of all the employees and demographics that were added, edited, or removed during the import. To explore this feature in the product, go to Account Admin > Users > Import history. 

Hierarchy Validation Made Easier 

We have improved the hierarchy validation process for updating employee data. We know that employees without managers may exist within hierarchical organizations. In the event you have employees without managers, you no longer need to assign a manager to every employee to successfully validate the hierarchy. Now as part of the hierarchy validation process, you'll be asked to designate a leader for your organization. This is usually a CEO or Managing Director. This selection serves as the top of the hierarchy and will be remembered for future imports. 


HR for HR

Our People Scientists have partnered with Thrive Global to create a quick survey to check-in on HR’s wellbeing. It includes personalized resources from industry experts to help support you, including an individual wellbeing checkup and wellbeing resources focused on HR professionals.

New 2020 Benchmark Insights on Culture First 

We publish hundreds of benchmarks across industry, geography, and size to help you get insights into the cultures of the best-performing organizations. We released new 2020 benchmark insights: 

June 2020 


COVID-19 Survey Templates

We launched four survey templates to help you respond to COVID-19. The survey templates are available in our template library for Engagement + Experience customers. Like all of our surveys, these templates are completely customizable because we know each company's experience is unique. 

Additionally, we've already released benchmarks for three of the COVID-19 surveys, including COVID-19 Pandemic Response, Prepare for Returning to the Workplace, and the COVID-19 Wellbeing survey.

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

This 22-question survey template helps you establish a baseline on employee experience and needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about this template and our other emergency response surveys. Be sure to check out our Benchmark for the COVID-19 Pandemic Response survey

COVID-19 Pulse

This 11-question survey template is a shortened COVID-19 Pandemic Response designed for frequent/weekly pulsing during the pandemic. Be sure to check out this strategy guide to launching a survey in an emergency developed by our People Science team. 

COVID-19 Wellbeing Survey 

The COVID-19 Wellbeing Survey helps you understand employee overall emotional, social, and physical wellbeing during COVID-19 and the factors driving it. Use this template as a standalone survey or select a sub-set of wellbeing questions to add to a broader survey. Benchmark for the COVID-19 Wellbeing survey is also available. 

Prepare for Returning to the Workplace

The Prepare for Returning to the Workplace survey template helps your organization plan for an effective transition back to the workplace. Gather feedback on employee concerns, preferences, and needs. Learn more about our Benchmark for the Prepare for Returning to the Workplace survey

Updated Inspirations 

Inspirations are "ideas for action" on survey results. We've added Inspirations for all questions in our COVID-19 Pulse survey and have updated Inspirations for Engagement surveys to be applicable to remote work. You can access our Inspirations in Reports > Action Framework. Learn more about our Inspiration Engine

Engagement + Experience

Comment Replies 

Comment Replies is a newly released feature that allows specific individuals to respond to confidential comments directly in the platform after a survey has closed. The comment writer remains unknown to comment repliers and multiple replies can be made to one comment, exampled in the image below where a leader named Jack is responding is asking a recruiting leader named Audrey to add even more detail. Anyone who has access to the shared report that includes comments will also see any replies to those comments. To learn more, explore this Guide to Comment Replies and the Comment Replies FAQs for survey participants. 

Survey Programs

You can now build out Survey Programs in Culture Amp. With this feature, you can group together surveys that progress toward a common goal, keep surveys organized and better close the loop on actions taken from a survey. The Survey Programs feature also includes a summary report that details every survey on a program. 

Editable Slack Invites 

Slack invites and reminders are now editable for all Engagement, Experience, and Effectiveness surveys. We know that being able to bring your voice and tone into platform communications is valuable. Survey administrators can customize Slack communications, as well as email communications, under Survey Admin > Communications. 

Enhanced Survey Duplication Features

We've extended our survey duplication features to also include hierarchy shared reports, custom Slack messages, and demographic selections. When duplicating a survey, you will see a confirmation box showing you exactly what's being cloned from the existing survey. 

PDF and PowerPoint Bulk Exports

You can now download a .zip file containing every shared report in a report group. This new export feature provides your data in .pdf, .ppt, .xls, and .csv formats. 

Trend for Experience 

The Trend feature familiar in the Engagement product is now available for Experience. Trend helps you gain meaningful insights, understand the impact of actions taken, and evaluate progress over time. All continuous surveys--exit and onboarding--will now show a trend graph for the Index factor based on previous responses to the same survey. The Trend graph shows up in the Insights Report. 


Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension allows you to use Culture Amp Performance directly from their Chrome browser. Any user with a Culture Amp Performance account can download the Culture Amp extension from the Chrome web store, log in and start giving and requesting feedback today. Once installed, simply click on the Culture Amp icon ca-monogram.icon.svg in your extension toolbar (located to the right of your address bar), which can be accessed regardless of what website you're viewing.

Outlook Integration

You can now access Performance directly in Outlook with our new Outlook integration, bringing Culture Amp Performance into your flow of work. Give timely feedback and view performance goals without leaving your email inbox. 

iOS Mobile App

Our new Performance app is now available for customers to download in the Apple App store, designed to drive professional development through feedback and goals on the go.  Employees and managers can give feedback and update their goal progress any time, anywhere. With the Culture Amp app, you can easily give and request continuous feedback, post and review public praise, create and edit individual goals, and view department and company goals. The app is available for all customers using Culture Amp Performance.

Performance Navigation Update

We shifted the navigation bar in Performance from the side to the top as part of our effort to keep Culture Amp more streamlined and your workspace more focused. We are bringing you this update in order to improve consistency navigating across our products, make it easier to toggle between the Engagement and Performance products, provide a cleaner, more focused interface for all users, and improve the accessibility of admin functions throughout Performance. 

Withdraw Manager-Requested Feedback 

We added even more flexibility to our Manager-Requested Feedback functionality, Managers and Admins can choose to withdraw feedback requests that they receive. Learn more about Manager-Requested Feedback and how to withdraw MRFs in the platform.  

Additional Goals Exports 

We added two new goal export options in the Admin's dashboard for managing goals. In addition to Goals summary, you can now export Key results and Goals alignment as well. Use these three exports to drill into goal alignment and key results data by department, job role, goal type, and specific goal.


New resources added to Manager learning

We’ve added a resource on managing remotely to Manager learning in the platform, our standalone library of ideas, videos, and downloadable resources for managers. Managers can browse this library of ideas, videos, and downloadable resources, and bookmark their favorite ideas to implement or refer back to later.  

Employee Data Guided Workflow 

We know that updating and cleaning up employee data can be a stressful and high stakes process. We've built a new guided experience for updating employee data. The workflow guides you through the process of updating your employee data and providing information about your organization's reporting lines. 

Bulk Import Summary 

Account Admins can now view summary information about their last bulk import from the Users page. This tells you the status of the import, time of the last update, who made the last update, how the last update was actioned and whether there was any ignored data in the import. 

Update to Demographic Values 

Having accurate demographic information is crucial to getting good insights out of Culture Amp. To help prevent unintentional duplicates to demographic values, we've updated them to no longer be case sensitive. Now, demographics with the same characters, but different capitalization, will be merged using the first value that was provided. For example, "melbourne" and "Melbourne" are automatically grouped together. This update applies to all imports going forward.   

March 2020 

Engagement + Platform 

Moments on Engagement Trend 

We've added a new feature to the Engagement trend chart in the Account Dashboard called Moments. With the introduction of Moments, you can now add dates that are important for your organization to tell the story behind the data. Learn more about Moments

Manager Learning

The new Manager Learning resource on Culture Amp is a standalone library of ideas, videos and downloadable resources for Managers. With content written by Culture Amp’s People Scientists and our partner LifeLabs Learning, who have helped train thousands of managers across the world, it features 7 proven areas of impact for managers.

Hierarchical Report Sharing 

We've launched the ability to automatically create reports for leaders based on their organizational hierarchy, making it easier and faster to share reports through the business. To activate this feature, reach out to your assigned Coach or our Support team. You can also learn more about how to create and share reports. 

2020 Benchmarks 

Benchmarks can provide you with important insight and context for your Engagement results. We just released 2020 benchmarks for Engagement. Learn more about the 2020 Benchmarks to start comparing your survey results with the world’s largest employee data collection. 

Emergency Response Template 

Our People Scientists have created an Emergency Response Survey template to help you address this complex and challenging situation. This survey can be used to measure your business response during this time, collect information from your teams, and use their feedback to inform your strategy. We are offering a free template with an extended emergency response survey and a special COVID-19 pulse survey. For our customers, the Emergency Response Survey and COVID-19 Pulse Survey are also available in the template library when you log into your account. Learn more about this and other COVID-19 resources to support you and your employees. 

One-click onboarding survey

We know how valuable it is to measure the onboarding process and capture the entire employee experience, so we’re making it easier for you to launch an onboarding survey in just one-click. Account Administrators can log in to the platform to get started.  


Teams in Performance 

We know not all teams follow a hierarchy structure. For this reason, you can now create Teams in the platform to support your people no matter the organizational structure. Learn more about Teams, including team roles and how to view, create and manage teams. To activate this feature, reach out to your assigned Coach or our Support team. 

Team Goals
Team goals is a new goal type in Culture Amp Performance that allows cross-functional and agile teams to create and manage progress toward shared goals, no matter the structure of the organization. Just like Teams, the Teams Goals feature must be activated. Reach out to your assigned Coach or our Support team to get started. 

Team-Based Feedback. 
With the launch of teams, we are introducing team-based feedback, allowing team leads to gather feedback about the members of their teams within the context of that team and give it to managers. Managers gain visibility into the performance and development of their direct reports through this team-based feedback provided by team leads. 

Visual update to Goals section 

We designed a new interface to highlight Goals as a central feature of the platform and make it easier for users to have clarity into team, department and company goals. Enjoy the new vertical layout with the same functionality as before with updating, editing and commenting on goals. 

Updates to navigation 

With the introduction of teams to the platform, we made a few small updates to the left side Navigation bar to make it easier to locate new features.  

In-platform message support for Account Administrators

We offer an in-platform messenger for Account Administrators to connect directly with our Support team. Messenger is available in Performance and Engagement. Learn more about how to contact support

New help center panel

Helping you get the most out of our platform is important to us. We've added the Help Center panel into our Performance product to make it easier for you to access our support resources.

New filtering feature

You can now filter users by start date when creating a self-reflection or review cycle. This filtering feature allows you to quickly exclude new employees from upcoming cycles. 


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