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Culture Amp app for Microsoft Teams allows you to give and receive feedback with colleagues right within Teams. In this article, learn how to: 

You can also learn more about the types of notifications you can receive and what happens to the information you enter.  

Install the App

As an individual user

First, you need to find Culture Amp in Microsoft Teams Store or just follow the direct link.


Click “Add” to install the app.

NOTE: Your tenant admin on the Microsoft Teams side should enable the Culture Amp app within your 3rd party apps catalog for Teams. Unless Culture Amp is approved, it won't be listed among the apps in Microsoft Teams Store.

Connect your Culture Amp profile with Microsoft Teams 

Once you’ve installed the Culture Amp app, you'll be asked to sign in with your Culture Amp account.  

Upon sign in, you’ll be able to use commands such as “Give feedback” and receive more contextual notifications. 

We recommend signing in as soon as you install the app. However, you can also type “Sign In” into the Culture Amp bot to trigger the sign-in modal. 

You are able to receive Culture Amp notifications as soon as you install the app. However, to get the full experience you must sign in with your Culture Amp account.  

NOTE: Only Culture Amp customers using our US Data Center (our default data center) are able to sign in to Culture Amp app for Teams. We will look to launch an EU version of our Microsoft Teams app for our EU Data Center customers in the near future. 

Use Shortcuts or Quick Commands

You can trigger the command options by clicking on the Culture Amp logo, or typing @cultureamp into the top search bar or messenger field. This will open a popup box with the options to give feedback, request feedback, or give public praise. 


Give Feedback

To give feedback, select the user you wish to give feedback on and enter your feedback in the free text field. 


Choose whether you want to share the feedback with their manager and then click “Send feedback.” 

What happens to the information you enter

  • The recipient will receive a notification in Teams containing your feedback. 
  • If you choose to do so, the feedback will be shared with their manager in Teams.  
  • Your feedback will also be added to the recipient’s profile in Culture Amp. It will be visible to you, the recipient and if shared, their manager.  

Request Feedback (Coming soon) 

To request feedback, select the user you wish to receive feedback from and leave them a prompt in the free text field. 


Give Public Praise (Coming soon) 

Sign out of Culture Amp

Type “Sign out” into the bot messenger field to sign out of your Culture Amp profile. 

Type “Sign in” to sign back in. 

Types of notifications

NOTE: Depending on your account setup, you may receive also notifications for Culture Amp Engagement and Effectiveness products in addition to Performance notifications. 

You can expect the following types of notifications from the app. 

  • Engagement surveys
  • Effectiveness 360s
  • Performance feedback and reviews 
  • Self-reflections and goal updates 


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