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Configurable extra protections to protect confidentiality

Launching July 6, 2020

We’re enhancing how you can protect confidentiality in reports by making extra protections configurable in the reporting section of the survey launch designer. Basic indirect confidentiality protections were made available earlier this year and we are excited to be re-introducing it as a configurable feature. 

The configurable ability to add extra protections builds on the confidentiality protections of reporting group minimum and comment reporting group minimums, by allowing you to configure extra protections to prevent the potential of indirect identification in survey results, or inferring a group's response. Even though the results of groups that don't meet there reporting group minimum will be hidden, their scores could be worked out from the visible scores. Adding extra protections allows you to protect against this possibility by hiding another group's scores as well.

This configurable feature gives you the power to decide what's best for your organization, balancing extra protections with the utility of your report data. You will choose between three extra protection options: none, basic, and strong. 

  • None: No extra protection
  • Basic: Protect a group with a single response only
  • Strong: Protect group(s) with fewer responses than the reporting group minimum

A few things to note

  • Extra protection configurations are set prior to the launch of your survey in Survey Launch > Reporting, in the same section where you set reporting group minimum, comment reporting group minimum, and raw data extract options. 
  • Extra protection configurations cannot be changed after launch.
  • The chosen option will be communicated to survey participants before they submit their survey responses.
  • The chosen extra protections apply to all shared reports for that survey.

Action needed

If you are configuring a survey in draft at the time of release, you will need to pick the level of protections that are right for your organization (None, Basic or Strong) and select this prior to survey launch or it will default to 'Basic' and can't be changed after launch. To make your selection, go to Survey Launch > Reporting, and choose your preferred option before launching your survey. 

Surveys that have launched prior to July 6, 2020 will default to have extra protections enabled on them as 'Basic' for engagement surveys and as 'None' for onboarding and exit surveys. To disable extra protections on a current survey or previous survey, contact our Product Support team to assist with this at any time. Please note, if indirect confidentiality protections were disabled for your previous surveys, this will continue to be the case after release. 


Enhanced email communication design for engagement surveys 

Launching early July 

We're enhancing email communications for engagement surveys with the following updates:

  • Refreshed design of the email itself
  • New formatting and rich text options to configure the email design
  • New ability to preview and test email configurations in advance of your survey launch

Will the design update impact current surveys?

The design of communication emails will be updated on surveys that have launched prior to release and are still open. You may see the updated design go out for any subsequent communication emails that are sent after the release of this update that may differ from emails sent prior to the release. 




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