1-on-1 Conversations EAP

Please refer to the following documentation for the 1-on-1 conversations early access program:


1-on-1 conversations is a new feature in our Performance product to help managers and employees have more meaningful, continuous conversations. Now managers and employees can easily prepare for and conduct 1-on-1s directly in Culture Amp.

Note: Sign up here to join the EAP for 1-on-1 conversations. This feature is available in the Performance product. The first release is currently only available to Performance customers. 

Designed by our organizational psychology experts and team of people scientists,1-on-1 conversations is built to drive performance, productivity, and engagement by helping managers and employees talk honestly about things that impact their work. Embedded in the tool is a predefined template that includes:

  • A shared agenda, created prior to the meeting to encourage co-creation and employee self-reflection
  • A predefined check-in to promote deeper discussion on items that impact the employee’s experience at work
  • Targeted questions to help focus the meeting on productivity blockers, not status updates
  • Shared notes for clear next steps and items to discuss in the future

How it works


  1. The manager sets up a 1-on-1 in the platform.
  2. Next, the employee receives an email reminder 2 days before the1-on-1 to prepare. They reflect on how they are doing by completing a short check-in and adding any desired agenda items. 
  3. The manager can review the employee's check-in responses to help guide where to focus 1-on-1 conversation. The manager can also add any agenda items.
  4. The manager receives an email reminder to prepare 1 day before the1-on-1.
  5. On the day of the1-on-1, the two meet, adding any shared notes in the platform during the meeting.

TIP: In Culture Amp Training we have courses to help managers facilitate better 1-on-1s and a short 2-page quick guide.


A manager can see and schedule an upcoming 1-on-1



An employee receives an email reminder to prepare for an upcoming 1-on-1



An employee reflects on how they are doing with a short check-in





The employee and manager can update shared agenda items before the 1-on-1


The employee and manager can update share notes during the 1-on-1



What's included in the EAP

What can the manager do?

  • Schedule single 1-on-1s in platform with each direct report
  • Get an email reminder to prepare 1 day prior to the scheduled 1-on-1
  • Add shared agenda items and shared notes
  • View each direct report's check-in responses if completed
  • Browse previous 1-on-1s with each direct report

What can the employee do?

  • Get an email reminder to prepare 2 days prior to the scheduled 1-on-1
  • Add shared agenda items and shared notes
  • Complete Culture Amp's science-backed check-in template
  • Browse own previous 1-on-1s with manager 

What's not included in the initial EAP release?

  • Check-in questions customization
  • Recurring 1-on-1 scheduling or calendar integration
  • Direct report to schedule  1-on-1s with their manager 
  • Admin settings 
  • Reminders customization 
  • Slack notifications 
  • Trends over time 
  • HR reports

Why our People Scientists love it 

Culture Amp’s 1-on-1 conversations were created with four principles in mind:

The importance of shared ownership. We believe it’s critical for a 1-on-1 to be a co-created experience between you and your direct report. Both have a responsibility (and hopefully desire!) to make 1-on-1 conversations the most valuable use of their time. We make this possible by giving each person the opportunity to add items to the shared agenda.

Self-awareness is a critical practice for growth. We’ve baked self-reflections into each 1-on-1 to give your direct reports the opportunity to pause and reflect on how they’re doing so they can bring the most pressing topics to the table. You aren’t a mind reader and self-reflection can demystify what’s going on internally.

The best managers are coaches, and coaching comes down to questions. Google’s now infamous Project Oxygen study found that the most important skill for being a good manager is coaching. We encourage solution-focused questioning, through open-ended questions, so that your direct reports can come to their own insights, which creates new mental maps and the motivation to change.

A great 1-on-1 is a real conversation. We created our 1-on-1 conversations to go beyond status updates and support real, raw, and difficult conversations. Research has shown that focusing on building a relationship with your direct reports can actually change their brain to be more open to new ideas and innovation. Our self-reflection questions ask about the whole person to make it easy for deeper topics to be brought to the surface.


Q: Who can see the content of a 1-on-1?
A: Only the manager and direct report can access their1-on-1 content. 

Q: How can users access1-on-1 conversations?
A: The feature is available on the top navigation bar of the Performance product, go to Me > 1-on-1 conversations.

Q: What happens once a 1-on-1 is set up by a manager?
A: Once a manager creates a 1-on-1, both the manager and direct report can access it, update it immediately, and can continuously add or change their input. 

Q: Can managers and employees both add and see each others agenda items?
A: Yes. Agenda items and notes are shared for both employees and managers.

Q: Can employees and managers see their previous1-on-1s?
A: Yes, their1-on-1 history is available for them to browse from the same page, by scrolling or using the1-on-1 history dropdown menu. 


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