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Note: we're currently in the process of rolling this feature out. Customers with over 7,000 users will not receive this update until later in the year.

Sharing a summary of the results of an engagement survey with everyone invited to participate is a great way to close the loop, and connect employees with the experiences of the other people they work with.

We've made it easier, and more impactful to do this in Culture Amp, by allowing you to create an overall "all results" report, and annotate it with a free-text commentary.



Overall reports are just like demographic or leader-based reports, except they contain the complete results of the survey (i.e. they aren't pre-filtered), they have all invitees selected as report viewers by default, and they can be enriched with commentary.


Employee view:


Admin view:


You can use the commentary feature for anything you like, here are some suggestions:

  • A message from the CEO, thanking employees for participating in the survey and for their hard work over the past quarter/half/year
  • An acknowledgement of difficult circumstances, and of employee resilience and courage
  • A mention of significant business results (e.g. "NPS is up 10 points" or "Retention is at all time high")
  • A highlight of the key takeaways of the survey results, discussing of 3-5 pieces of data from the survey  


In subsequent releases, we'll be working on enhancing commentaries to support rich text and multiple languages.





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