Skills Coach

Skills Coach is available now for all Culture Amp customers.


TIP: Check out our course to learn more about the content, our tips for rolling it out, and a checklist for success!

What is Skills Coach?

Skills Coach is a new skill-based learning tool for managers that delivers engaging micro-content directly through Slack or email. 

The two minute daily activities transform managers by teaching them key leadership skills. Currently, Skills Coach includes 20 short interactive lessons backed by science that drive results and are easy for managers to use. 

To turn on Skills Coach for your account, contact

Those who completed our initial pilot of the Skills Coach program reported:

  • 94% improved coaching skills
  • 82% improved team vibe, meetings or other outcomes
  • 64% of peers noticed an improvement


Get started 

Once Skills Coach has been turned on for your organization, all users have access to Skills Coach from the main navigation. 


  1. Go to Learning > Skills Coach 
  2. Select start on the skill you would like to launch - i.e., coaching or feedback
  3. Follow the launch prompts to confirm your timezone and select the time you would like to receive daily notifications
  4. Congrats! The skill is now launched. From here, start the first activity by clicking Start day 1. If you don’t start right away, you will receive a notification in Slack or by email prompting you to complete the first activity on the next business day.

NOTE: Once a skill is launched, you will receive a daily notification nudge from Culture Amp to complete the next two-minute activity. 

Why our People Scientists love it

Skills Coach uses three important components to make it as effective as possible:

What to expect with Skills Coach

We developed our courses in partnership with LifeLabs Learning, in the form of 20 micro-lessons. 

In our Coaching course, learners will move from “solution mode” to “coaching mode,” taking on valuable skills like how to: 

  • Ask questions for insight and impact
  • Listen actively and openly
  • Reflect, summarize, and clarify 

Along the way, learners take part in skill-based exercises like asking more questions in their 1-on-1s, and new coaching concepts like: 

  • The framing effect
  • The difference between the rate of words we can speak per minute versus process
  • What LifeLabs learning calls playbacks and split-tracks


In our Feedback course, students will be able to help others to thrive by taking on valuable skills like how to: 

  • Separate the behavior from the person when giving feedback
  • Reduce bias in their feedback
  • Receive feedback with empathy

Along the way, learners take part in skill-based exercises like asking for permission before giving feedback, and learn new concepts like: 

  • Blur words
  • The BIQ feedback model
  • Triangulation

What’s included

  • Skills Coach is available to any Culture Amp customers. Your organization must have an active Slack integration to use Skills Coach through Slack. Skills Coach is also available through email. 
  • Skills Coach daily activities and reminders are delivered through Slack or email.
  • Skills Coach includes courses on Coaching and Feedback with 20 interactive micro-lessons, with an additional course on Resilience that will launch later this year. 

If you have any further questions contact our Support team.  


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